Funding application process


Funding Checklist
1 Are you a legal entity, or do you come under an umbrella organisation
2 Budget for project
3 GST number (NFP tax exemption status; cash basis; 6 monthly returns recommended)
4 Bank account in the name of the applicant
5 Financial accounts
6 Resolutions (see NZCT page)
7 Timeline

1 Two current quotes, less than 3 months old
2 Add as much into the project as possible to avoid needing to do another funding application
3 You will need a separate covering page i.e. an excel document showing the items request i.e. a comparison document

There are different databases available
Gambling funders; venues change, always check the DIA website. NZCT largest, good for uniforms, no good for Ōtara-Papatoetoe; Grassroots and Tindall good for kit
Be prepared you will have do multiple logins to different management systems i.e. Smartygrants, RealMe and you will need to keep your login details
Letters of support
Lobby local boards, how? By attending a public forum and speaking; producing a flyer; letter; invitations to events; emails; a telephone call

What’s helpful
What have you done before? Your successes show/paint the story/picture of if you can handle a project, or not. It is the proof.
Skin in the game. It looks good if you have budgeted for the project in your own funding e.g. 10% put aside, or are others contributing too. Not necessary but shows you are thinking proactively.
SWOT analysis, this show that your committee has thought seriously about the project
Sponsorship, be brave, tell them what you can do for them

To become a legal entity
1 Decide if you want to be an incorporated society or trust.
2 Need a constitution, discuss with your NSO or RSO for advice. There is a constitution builder tool on line.
3 Bank Account in the name of the entity
4 GST number (NFP tax exemption status; cash basis; 6 monthly returns recommended)
5 Incorporation needs 15 signatures and there is a small fee, for a Trust you will need a lawyer
Think of it as, it is like running a business, you may have employees, or if you own your own building, you will have maintenance issues/responsibilities.

Pathway for a building project
Identify the need
Strategic Assessment – build a case
Scope – flesh out
Plan and evaluate
Detailed Planning (funding)
Executive / Deliver
Review, negotiate

Buy Land and Do It Yourself
How much?
Land, private, public (council land owner approval)
Break into a staged process
Funding options e.g. community debentures
Death of a project, don’t burn your bridges

Got to begin somewhere

Do you want to know about the trials and tribulations of funding a capex or building project?

Read my pages for an honest account from the funding advisors perspective.